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Getting wound care RIGHT at every step – diagnosis, treatment and timing – requires those professionals caring for people living with (or at risk of) a wound to have specialised wound care training and expertise right. 

Each day during Wound Awareness Week, we presented a series of FREE practical webinars, presented by experts and designed to give care professionals the skills and knowledge they will need to heal a range of wounds. Each day we were joined by hundreds of people who took time out of their busy lives to keep on learning. Thank you to everyone who came along.

Recordings of each session can be found below. Please note that certificates of attendance were offered to attendees of the live 'Models of Care' event but cannot be offered to viewers of the recording. Additionally, our trivia session is closed but please feel free to enjoy it on catch-up.

 Monday 4 September 

The Multidisciplinary Care Team
Passcode: r@23x86J

 Tuesday 5 September 

Caring for Wounds in Ageing Australians
Passcode: v+17XDB9

 Wednesday 6 September 

Wounds and Lifestyle Factors
Passcode: vP+$@9ON

 Thursday 7 September 

Getting Wound Care Right
Passcode: #bspK+B1

 Thursday 7 September 

Models of Care: live from Brisbane!
Passcode: 3^^jJ@w9

 Friday 8 September 

FUNdamental Wound Care Trivia!
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