Incorrect treatment can worsen wounds: Wound Champion Danielle Bewley's story (WA)
Wednesday, 23 August 2023

Confusion around Danielle Bewley’s burn wound treatment highlights dangerous gaps in the knowledge of Australian clinicians. 

Badly burned from knee to ankle after her hot water bottle split in bed, Danielle sought help at a Perth hospital Emergency Department. An incorrect healing agent applied at the hospital was compounded by her GP's incorrect dressing choice, causing the wound to blister and worsen.

When the wound showed no signs of healing, Danielle contacted her aunt in Queensland who works as a nurse in a Hospital’s burns unit. In addition to hurriedly telling Danielle about the ointments and dressings to use, her aunt referred Danielle to Perth’s Fiona Stanley Hospital‘s Burns Unit.

With a correction on treatment, Danielle was able to commence her journey to healing. Thankfully, the burn did not develop into a chronic wound. However, this is just one example that shows a desperate need for specialised wound care units in tertiary courses, including for doctors and nurses.