Wound Awareness Week Lunch Bytes series revealed
Monday, 21 August 2023
In 2023, more Australians than ever are living with hard-to-heal wounds. Given that we know many wounds can be healed with the RIGHT diagnosis and the RIGHT treatment at the RIGHT time, this means so many people are suffering unnecessarily.

As part of our commitment to helping Australia get wound care RIGHT, we're running a series of educational webinars during Wound Awareness Week 2023.

They're presented by experts, cover topics that will help with the correct diagnosis, treatment and timing of a range of wounds, and rapid-fire, 30-minute sessions designed to be digested over lunch.

(Or, for our friends in different timezones around Australia, consumed on demand via catch-up the same day.)

Best of all, they're completely free!

We'll be looking at: 
  • The benefits of a multidisciplinary wound care team
  • Caring for wounds in ageing Australians
  • The lifestyle factors that impact prevention and healing
  • How two wound care experts work to get wound care RIGHT
  • Models of care
  • FUNdamental wound care: test your knowledge and develop your skills in our fun, interactive Friday trivia session!
Registrations are now open. Explore the schedule.